Fresh Farm Produce



READY-PICKED: Late May until mid-August

PICK-YOUR-OWN: Middle/Late June until mid-August


  • Nothing better than a freshly-picked Strawberry.
  • Raised on “Tabletops” for easy, no-bend picking. Perfect for little people, big people, not-so-young people, people with -not-so-good backs. In fact – everybody! We don’t just want to sell you Strawberries, we want to provide Pleasant Experience….
  • Picking great fun, whatever the weather. We have some covered areas which will keep out the rain but still allow a nice flow of fresh air. A rather perverse pleasure, picking Strawberries in the dry whilst it is pouring outside.
  • Clean underfoot with grassed alleys. Why, you can even wear your sandals! (Wellies more sensible in rain, though).