Fresh Farm Produce


Wash Farm Produce

Wash Farm Produce, whether Pick-Your-Own or Ready-Picked, means fresh, quality produce. Our aim is to provide a positive experience for visitors to our Farm. To this end, varieties are carefully selected for taste and yield. These are then presented in such a way that our customers enjoy the picking experience. For example, Strawberries on no-bend “Table-tops” and Raspberries in rows, neatly tied in. To protect the quality of the crops and enable our customers to pick in the dry should it rain, some of our Strawberries and most of Raspberries are grown under cover.


Strawberry Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Strawberries

Our Strawberries, varieties Sonata and Centenary, are chosen for their flavour and yield, both of which are excellent. Unlike commercial growers satisfying supermarket requirements, we do not need to consider shelf life. see more

Raspberry Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Raspberries

Raspberries: After many years for experimenting with different varieties, Glen Ample still remains our favourite. Tops in appearance, flavour and yield. see more

Gooseberry Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Gooseberries

Gooseberries: We have green (Invicta), pink (Pax) and red (Hinnomaki Red) which comes later in the season. These are all very sweet and delicious and not sour at all. Wash Farm Gooseberries are planted and trained on wires for easy, reduced-pain picking. see more

Blackcurrant Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Blackcurrants 

Blackcurrants are another favourite but underrated member of the Wash Farm Produce team. These delicious little black gems are said to be very high in vitamin C. They are also great for making jams, blackcurrant jelly, and perfect served with that scrumptious Winter Lamb or Venison roast, coulis for deserts and ice creams and the all important cheesecake. see more

Cherry Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Cherries

Cherries: We have a few different varieties in order to stagger the harvest, Sweetheart and Van to name a few. Cherries are always very popular with our customers and we can never grow enough of these delicious little berries. see more

Blueberries Wash Farm ProduceWash Farm Blueberries 

Blueberries: Pernickity and tedious to pick but very rewarding. Yummy to eat just raw also great in smoothies and sauces. see more