Fresh Farm Produce

About Wash Farm

Wash Farm, a small but well-known family business run by Peter and Shirley Stevenson, started growing Pick-your-Own strawberries and raspberries in the 1980’s Pick-your-Own heydays.¬†

As public awareness continues to grow regarding healthy lifestyle and eating habits(as well as leaner pockets),we believe that the Pick-your-Own revival will continue to grow. Wash Farm hopes to be at the right place at the right time!!

Here at Wash Farm our emphasis is on FRESH, FLAVOURFUL, VALUE produce direct to you, the customer.

The farm is part of an environmentally sensitive scheme called the Countryside Stewardship Scheme which involves Farming to encourage wildlife numbers and diversity. The scheme has allowed us to introduce sheep to graze our meadows on the banks of the River Colne and run an extensive (not intensive) traditional Spring lambing system.

Whilst we are not organic,we like to think that we are environmentally responsible, considerate of the impact of chemicals and antibiotics on ourselves,our animal and insect friends and the broader environment. Our packaging – indeed our whole operation – can be described as “minimalist”, exactly where we want to be.

Because we produce everything ourselves, you know where your food comes from and that it is fresh. It will not have clocked up hundreds- or thousands of “food-miles”, transported from distribution centres and then possibly lingered on a supermarket shelf for another few days….

Being small and seasonal only,we can offer a personal and (hopefully!) unjaded and enthusiastic service Рincluding loads of  useless tips,information and opinion!

Wash Farm is well-situated and easy to find (See our “Contact us” page). Easy access and exit and adequate parking. We have a convenient self-service facility for ready – picked produce for customers with less time.

We are always pleased to take orders for that special occasion, and advise on catering requirements.

Negotiation on price for bulk- buying is always considered.

Read more on the “Produce” page about our goodies…..