Fresh Farm Produce


STRAWBERRIES: MID JUNE UNTIL EARLY AUGUST We have several different varieties,specially selected for their flavour and texture rather than for shelf life. Enjoy the taste of a freshly-picked English strawberries. We have two systems of growing our strawberries: Traditionally, on the ground, in well-strawed and (largely!) weed-free fields. Secondly,in waist-high containers,making picking a pleasure for those who find bending difficult -or tiresome! Our “tabletops” are usually ready a bit later than the field strawberries,starting in July. Pick-your-Own: The value option as we don’t have the picking cost- and you get to have the fun and pleasure. Beautiful views, fresh air to clear the cobwebs and stress away. Maybe just a little something for the children to do. You might even spot a skylark or two. Usually plenty of fruit. Quick-picking,except for understandably at the end of the season. Whilst we would object to the abuse of this invitation, we do not have a problem with a little “taster”, this being part of the Pick-Your-Own experience. We offer discounts for bulk,subject to availability. Help the Environment and bring your own container to pick into. Ready-picked: For those with less time, just pop in and pop out. All freshly-picked and sold on that same day. We can pick for that special occasion. Fresh strawberries in season a simple,easy option always well-received.